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Jack Daniel's Mixology

Jack Daniel's


It’s certainly not a fad, here’s a fact: consumers are increasingly rejecting the go-to rum and orange or vodka and apple juice in favour of a real art in cocktail making: Mixology. Always on the lookout for the perfect balance of flavours in their creations, this isn’t news to Jack Daniel’s, where they rise to this challenge with gusto. The famous Tennessee Whiskey brand is reinventing its signature cocktails by creating new recipes that strengthen its “lifestyle” positioning. To be consumed without moderation on Instagram and Facebook. Cheers!

BNP Paribas My Ad Here

BNP Paribas

My Ad Here

BNP Paribas continues to unveil the entrepreneurs of tomorrow through its My Ad Here competition, through which they are given a personalised advertising campaign. For this 5th edition, BNP Paribas has rewarded 14 entrepreneurs from the social and solidarity economy, making the operation a real showcase for the bank’s commitment.

Biocoop Organic brings us together


Organic brings us together

Today, organic agriculture and ethics are the topics on everyone’s lips. There are countless campaigns by food brands or supermarket chains that promote their new promises of commitment and transparency…
However, these new promises have been Biocoop’s reality for more than 30 years. This is why the brand has claimed its pioneering status with its first ever television appearance.

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BIC Flex 5


Flex 5

Who says a razor brand can’t be cool? Obviously, a razor needs to be efficient and of good quality, but a voice-over and a bare-chested, square-jawed man in his bathroom isn’t the only way to illustrate that. BIC’s offering is colourful, modern, vibrant and really different!

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Orpi The Asset


The Asset

The property market is becoming increasingly competitive and disembodied due to increasing digitalisation. However, nothing is more emotionally engaging than a property. Also, people will always be at the heart of the operation, whether they’re family, friends or professionals. And that’s what Orpi stands for.

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Biocoop Less meat, equal pleasure


Less meat, equal pleasure

Already adopted by 33% of French households, flexitarianism is a new way of eating that involves reducing meat and fish consumption. As the first player to encourage this kind of sustainable consumption, Biocoop gets in the kitchen to present flexitarian recipes inspired by international gastronomy. Why not trade in your steak for a watermelon?!

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Popeyes® Lousiana Kitchen Iced chicken

Popeyes® Lousiana Kitchen

Iced chicken

You don’t need a Michelin star to know that frozen chicken is not as good as fresh chicken. However, with the exception of Popeyes, it’s frozen chicken that most fast food chains serve us. To raise awareness, Popeyes has played a joke on consumers by coming up with the first chicken ice cream tasting. Be careful, you’ll need a strong stomach!

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Back Market Twins

Back Market


Do we really need to break the bank in order to have quality equipment? When the price of phones is increasing faster than their specs are improving, Back Market offers an alternative offer that is both economical and environmentally friendly. The only real difference between refurbished and new products? Their price!

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